Our Mission Statement

We believe that our purpose is to develop fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. –We believe this is best done by living our lives with the following charges:

Introduce people to Jesus

  • What am I doing to help people move closer to an understanding or experience of Jesus?
  • Am I living my life in a way that would interest people in Jesus?

Include them in his church

  • What am I doing to help visitors feel welcome when they attend services and activities?
  • Am I contributing to the love and warmth and peace and unity of the fellowship of this congregation?

Imitate his life

  • What am I doing to grow into a more mature disciple of Jesus Christ?
  • Am I practicing the disciplines of the spiritual life that are God’s means of grace to help me become the kind of person he has designed me to be?

Ignite service in His name

  • What am I doing to serve Christ in this church and in the world?
  • Am I discovering my gifts and being equipped to use them for the sake of others?

Inspire Glory for God

  • What am I doing that will help other people to recognize God’s power and love?
  • Am I regularly experiencing the joy and power of worship with the body of Christ gathered together?

Our purpose statement is written in such a way to remind each of us that we have to ask the following questions:

“What am I called to do?”

“How am I called to live?”

Our Purpose is to help each other find our unique response to the grace and call of God in our lives. Being a fully committed follower of Jesus Christ was never intended by God to be an option!