Unlike many churches throughout the United States, Templeton Presbyterian is blessed to have a spirited ensemble of volunteer singers that are an integral part of the Sunday worship service. They, in turn, are fortunate to be led by Director of Music, Dr. Vern Sanders . Vern is dedicated to bringing spirituality in each service as he participates with the praise band, does double duty by directing and accompanying the choir, and works closely with the Worship Leadership team each week to form a cohesive synergy of music, sermon, and prayer.
For members of the choir, he challenges us each rehearsal with a variety of music. On Sunday mornings, he positions us in front, behind, or within the congregation to best enhance the character of our Sunday worship. We take in his teachings on music history, tonal quality, breath control, pronunciation, and apply these to each worship occasion.
We would love to have you join our close knit family of singers and come Thursday nights ā€“ 6:00pm to 7:30pm ā€“ and following our Sunday fellowship for a brief rehearsal. We work hard and have fun, but we remember to whom the glory is given through song.
Dr. Vern Sanders is Director of Music coming to Templeton Presbyterian with an impressive biography and a passion to develop a quality music program.