DSCN0707Are Children Welcome?
Yes, they are!  Kids have a great time at Faith Factory, which is held at the same time as our Sunday Service.  Children leave early in the service and head next door with their leaders.  We also have a nursery for infants and toddlers.  Children may also remain with you during the service if you prefer.
Is it okay if I’m not familiar with the Presbyterian Service?
There are few traditional elements in our service, and these are easily learned.  The program that we hand out at the beginning of the service provides a helpful outline.  Don’t worry if something is not familiar, everyone was new at one time!
Does the church have a dress code?DSCN0767

No.  Look around and you see a wide variety of attire.  We are more casual than formal, but also respectful.  Wear the clothes that help you feel most comfortable and free to worship God.


DSCN0740What is the music like?
The music in the worship service varies.  We have a worship band that takes one Sunday off per month; at which time we have special music.  We also incorporate a mix of musical styles and tempos to ensure a diverse musical experience.  We sing well-known hymns, praise music, and gospel pieces.  The Templetones hand bell choir plays once a month during worship.  
What should I know about communion?
We offer communion on the first Sunday of every month.  We practice “open communion” which is also known as an “open table.”  It means we welcome anyone who trusts in Christ as their Lord and Savior, regardless of church affiliation or experience.
Why do most people go out of the “other” door when leaving the DSCN0774sanctuary?
You probably come in through the main door on the 6th Street side of the building, but most people exit the opposite door.  Why?  One word:  cookies! Well, not entirely.  After each service we invite everyone into our adjacent Fellowship Hall.  It’s a great opportunity to mingle and get acquainted – and to enjoy a treat and coffee too.