Templeton Presbyterian Church is blessed to have a spirited ensemble of volunteer singers that are an integral part of the Sunday worship service.

   We would love to have you join our family of singers on Thursday nights (6:00-7:30pm) for rehearsal in the TPC Chapel.  We work hard and have fun, while remembering to whom the glory is given through song.


The Praise Band is a dedicated group of instrumentalists and singers who play an important leadershp role in our Sunday worship.  Led by Worship Team Director, Kellie Wenzel, their mixture of traditional hymns and uplifting praise songs brings everyone in the congregation to moments of intimate worship and joyous praise of our Savior and King.

Our dynamic group includes a piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocalists.  The congregation joins in praise, following along with projected lyrics.  The Praise Band adds to the spirit-filled leadership of the worship service.


There are no more angelic tones than those which ring to heaven from a hand bell choir.  Nancy Jo Doughty leads our very talented team of ringers made up of dedicated individuals creating music together for worship and fellowship.  The ringers have presented uplifting melodies during our worship services as well as participated with the choir and instrumentalists during the presentation of major music works on Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday.